The 3 Best Dog Vitamins For Your Furry BFF

Like people, your dog requires a lot to keep him going strong all day long. Most importantly, he requires a lot to keep him going strong for life. It is your number one priority to keep your dog with you as long as possible and vitamins can help you ensure that his systems stay healthy for a lifetime. From vitamin D to calcium, here are the most common and best dog vitamins that you can give your dog for long term health… and help him catch many Frisbees to come.

Vitamin D

Dogs are unable to produce vitamin D inside their skin and this is why it is so important that they receive it in their diet. Research has proven just how important this vitamin is for human heart health… so much so that vitamin D markers in the blood can predict the outcome of congestive heart failure.

Among the best vitamins for dogs, dog vitamin D can help to protect your canine’s ticker from heart issues as he ages too. The sunshine vitamin can be consumed within your dog’s regular diet, but supplements can help to ensure that he is taking in adequate amounts to reap healthy benefits for the long term.


The NRC recommends that adult dogs intake 40 mg of calcium per kilogram of their body weight. If your dog is not healthy, this number may be different. It is important that you speak with your vet to determine the right mg that is appropriate for your dog. This can help you to pinpoint exactly what your dog needs and help to keep his bones growing strong for a lifetime of good health. Too much calcium can create an electrolyte imbalance.

Multi-Nutrient Dog Vitamins

Multi-vitamins are not just for Flinstone kids. Your dog or puppy needs adequate amounts of nutrients to keep them healthy and strong. These drops easily go into water or food. However, you can give them directly by mouth if your dog will tolerate it. It is best to give your dog a vitamin like this around meal time to prevent tummy upset in sensitive dogs.

Each dog’s unique health needs will dictate what supplements are best for your dog. If you are unsure of what to give your dog, consult your vet who will be able to tell you what supplements will best support your dog’s needs for a lifetime of health and happiness. Also read more about dog joint care at best joint supplement for dogs.

Your dog is your best friend… give him the best. That doesn’t have to mean the most expensive – just your best. When you do this, you will not only help to make your dog healthy for life, but also make him feel loved beyond measure… both of which are the most important things of all.