Why Use Dog Tags?

If you keep a pet dog, it is important to make sure it is protected. You should be able to identify it whenever you want. Use proper pet tag to ensure safety of your dog. It is a basic task if you keep a pet like dog. Thousands of pet dogs are lost every year and never reunited with their owners. Only about 20% of lost dogs are reunited with their owners. A simple identification tag helps bring your beloved pet back home safely. Dog tags increase the chance of reuniting lost dogs to their owners.

Even if you keep your pet dog inside your home or within your property, it is no guarantee your dog will never get lost. A large number of lost dogs are indoor only pets. This problem becomes more pronounced during natural calamity when homes are damaged and pets are lost. During tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and storms, a large number of indoor pets get lost. Animal welfare agencies try to reunite lost pets to their owners but they can do so only if the owners had used dog ID tags. You can make their task easier by using such a pet ID tag on your dog. It will help your pet get back to its home in an emergency.

Your dog can also get out of home if you leave a door or window open and it wants to try out some adventure. It may get lost in the process and never be reunited with you. Simple ID tags for dogs are effective and economical solution. It ensures the lost pets are reunited with their owners. Do not delay using a dog tag.

You may have some concerns regarding use of such a tag on your dog and whether it will accept it. You may find that your dog initially does not like the jingling sound of the tag or finds it irritating. It is important to use some clever tricks to make your dog like its ID tag. For the first initial minutes and hours, keep it under observation. Reward it with a treat to encourage it to keep the tag. In the initial hours, keep its attention away from the tag by playing with it.

Remove the tag after a few hours if required. Repeat this process several times over next few days. Gradually, your dog will become used to wearing the ID tag. Make it easy and comfortable for it to wear the tag. If a moving jingling tag is irritating for your dog, try custom dog tags. You can use a design that is riveted to the collar. Within a few days, your dog will forget about it and become comfortable wearing this identification tag. Leave the tag unsupervised only when you are sure your dog has accepted it.