A Few Comforts For Dog Crates

Dog crates can be one of the toughest possible items to buy. While any dog owner understands the necessity thereof, they are nonetheless loathe to put a member of the family into cheap dog crates, and all dog crates are cheap compared to the luxurious kennels that dog owners would like to buy for their treasured companions. As such the try to buy the best dog kennels for sale whenever possible, along with a few special extra items to ensure the health and safety of the animal that will go inside the kennel. With that in mind, there are some really great ideas that should be considered when looking at dog crates for sale.

A good place to start is with a good water bottle. The bottle should be sturdy so as to be able to handle most shocks; the pliant plastic most are made of allows them to handle any major collisions.  The best water bottles can be easily secured and hard to remove once secured, thus ensuring that the dog has a constant source of water throughout the trip. As most dog crates do not carry such equipment by default, it is thus important to buy a model that works well with the dog kennels for sale that you may find. Avoid water bottles that affix to the interior: If the kennel suffers any kind of roughness, there is the possibility that the water will get all over the kennel.

Cheap dog crates rarely come with any decent bedding for the animal. If you can get some bedding that comes with posts on the bottom and a stiff bottom; this allows for better sanitation should the dog relieve himself in the kennel in transit. The bedding should also be easy to wash, preferably using a washer, so that it can be kept fresh at all times. While this may drive the dog crazy, as they prefer things that smell due to use, keeping the bedding clean makes other travelers happy as well as eliminates any bugs or disease from the bedding. Keep in mind to use hypo-allergenic soap when you do wash the bedding for the sake of the of the dog.

While some owners like the idea of blankets, the reality is that dogs rarely require blankets. Instead, make sure that there are some chew toys and possibly some stuffed animals in the kennel. This gives the dog some way to amuse himself and deal with any anxiousness. As you want to avoid feeders during transit, both to keep down the amount of waste generated as well as any possible mess, a chew toy will keep the dog from gnawing the inside of the cage. With a little planning cheap dog crates can be made into some great places to keep the dogs during a trip, and ensure the safety of the animal in question.