Out And About: 3 Ways To Have Better Walks With Your Dog

Your dog needs exercise to stay fit and healthy for life. However, just because it is a workout… doesn’t mean that it has to be drab. Here are 3 ways to make your walks together better and easier too…

Invest in a retractable dog leash to make walking easier.

If you are still using a leather dog leash without a retractor, then you are really missing out on all the modern perks that retractable dog leads can offer. Allowing you to choose how far to let your pet travel ahead of you, you can let him run freer on the trail… and keep him close at hand on the sidewalk.

These leads make walks not only easier, but safer for both your pet and others around him. You know that he is a real sweetie… but sometimes you cannot predict how he will react to other dogs and strangers. This offers you a hedge of protection when you are out and about. You would never want to be responsible for an injury caused by your dog which could lead to fines and court hearings. The best dog leashes are those that help you protect others and your dog at the same time. Win/win.

Change up the scenery. He loves to keep things new.

Your dog thrives on new, exciting adventures that he can share with you. If you are going to the same old spot every time that you walk, then you are both missing out on what might be the best walk of your life.

Choose to go to the dog park on Saturday where he can interact with other dogs.

Then, go for a hike on Sunday at the local nature center where he can chase a couple butterflies.

Save the week for closer, familiar places that are easy to get to. When you experience new things together, you will bond more… even if that seems almost impossible. He is your very best friend, after all.

Take treats. Walking is a workout.

When you workout you get hungry… right? That is because your body is using up its energy stores to give it all you’ve got in the gym. This is the same concept for your dog. Take along snacks that are high in protein and low in sodium. These healthy treats for dogs can help you to get the most of your dog’s athletic performance and even increase his lean muscle mass which helps him to age well.

Your dog is your very best buddy and the reason that you love coming home each day. When you walk with him, you tell him that you care… and anywhere that he can go is always a good time… as long as you are there, too.