Teaching Your German Shepherd Words

It is always a good idea to teach your German Shepherd dog words. After all your needs to comprehend your words in order to obey you. Everyone loves to train their dogs and have them obey, however, teaching them words is building blocks of having them obey everything you say. You can teach these dogs approximately 100 words, however, it is not necessary to teach them all 100. Words such as sit, stop, lie down, stay and drop it is what you will want to teach them as it is likely to be said daily.

Black German Shepherd dogs that understand words are the happiest and most content. Dogs who don’t understand words may want to obey you, but don’t completely understand what is required of them. Black German Shepherds love the security of knowing what they should do and they also come to view their teacher as a trusted leader. The dog then becomes familiar with you and will do whatever you say. This type of loyalty is believed to be common amongst all dogs, however, certain breeds such as this breed are more inclined to be man’s best friends that some other aggressive breeds such as pit bulls.