Different Types Of Toys For Dogs

Your furry friend provides hours of fun and entertainment to you and the other members of your family. Once trained he helps you with small tasks like fetching the newspaper, or bringing your slippers. You might give him the best dog food, but have you ever considered about providing him with a source of entertainment? In case you did not know, your canine friend will be delighted if you provide him with toys meant for dogs. They provide him with an opportunity to while away his time when he is alone. Search online. You will find many online stores that specialize in promoting and selling puppy toys for dogs. Although you will find many types of dog toys online, you should purchase interactive dog toys as they provide more fun to your dog. Here is a small list of the best dog toys that you can buy for your canine friend. You can rest assured that your furry friend will love you even more and will be delighted when you present him with these cool dog toys.

The LED dog ball

Can you imagine the fun your dog will have when you present him with a ball that lights up whenever it bounces? The LED dog ball consists of a transparent ball containing tiny, motion activated light emitting diodes inside them along with replaceable batteries that last approximately 35 hours. The moment you play a game of `fetch’ with your dog and throw this ball, the lights inside it start blinking.

The Doggie Newspaper

Your dog fetches newspapers for you on a daily basis. Would it not be fair to give him a newspaper of his own? Even though he might not be able to read it, you can be sure that this 9.5″ newspaper replica, containing three squeakers and emitting rustling sound will please your dog tremendously. This is one of the most popular interactive toys available for dogs.

Chewable toys

Dogs love to chew and will become crazy with happiness when you gift him one of them. Forget the standard polyester bone and gift him a tire ball instead. This ball, containing two tires encompassing a sphere, emits different types of realistic animal sounds. Your dog will be both surprised and confused when he hears the sound of different animals such as pigs, cats, birds, cows, and even dogs when he bites this toy. You will holler with delight when he drops the ball and scurries for a safe hiding place after hearing the sound.

The above mentioned are examples of the wide range of playthings you can find on sites that sell dog playthings online. You can find many other cool dog toys on online stores that sell toys for dogs. Search several online stores to find the best dog toys suitable for your furry friend.