Training Your German Shepherd Dog

Everyone knows that the German Shepherd dog has a great reputation for being a smart dog. This is why many people assume that training a dog like this is as easy as pie. However, many people fail to realize that dogs are individuals as well. So while training one German Shepherd may be easy, training another could pose a challenge.

Some of these black German Shepherds are hard to train even though they are extremely intelligent. In fact it is when they are this intelligent that they look for ways to get out of doing what you want them to do. So training smart dogs can be easy or a challenge, depending on that individual dog. One of the ways that people have always trained these dogs is by giving them a treat when they obey. So it is highly recommended that also acquire the necessary training skills to correctly train your black German Shepherd. This is will help make sense of the training for the dog as well as yourself.

Your German Shepherds Behavior

Dogs often do things that their owners don’t like. You may have a German Shepherd dog that is doing some strange things or simply want him to do things in a different way. Some dogs bark too much, jump on people and may chase the cat around the yard. For some people this is acceptable and perfectly normal, but for some it may not be pleasing. If you are like the latter, there are a few things that you can do to stop this behavior.

There is no secret to stopping this behavior in your dog. All you have to do is basically tel your German Shepherd dog to stop doing it, by saying “NO” when he does exactly that. Your dog will either understand what the word no means and stop, or he may understand what that word means, but doesn’t see a reason for him to stop doing this.In cases, such as this it also be that the black German Shepherd does not respect you. Black German Shepherds will not obey unless they respect you. In a few cases, the dog may not comprehend what no actually means and you will have to teach him, but responding in a certain way when ever you say no and he doesn’t listen.