Healthy Dog Treats Keep The Family’s Number One Friend Happy And Healthy:

The number one friend of the family is, undoubtedly, the canine.  He or she enjoys healthy dog treat, especially, between meals.  The best dog treats provide the puppy with plenty of energy.  The treats for dogs are essential in assuring puppy is provided with, much, in the way of vitality.  The following article provides the pet parent information as to the best dog treats to feed his or her dog.

The same as humans:  puppies like their treats.  However, it is possible, the pet parent, without realizing it, is providing his or her puppy with far too many treats.  When this occurs: the calories add up.  The dog’s, otherwise healthy diet, is supplemented by too many treats.  The owner is not aware he is giving in to puppy’s whims.  It is possible, in other words, that the parent is not keeping track of the number of treats his dog is receiving, on a daily basis.

Many persons will supply their dogs with up to four treats at a time.  When they do this:  they think nothing of it.  They start thinking, though, when it comes time to reveal details about their dog’s medical history.  There is a rule attached, then, in supplying puppy with dog treats.  That rule is referred to as the ‘Ten Percent Rule’.  Treats and snacks should be allocated as 10% of the dog’s daily caloric intake.

The number of treats, permissible, is something which to consult the dog’s veterinarian about.  The veterinarian, can recommend the number of treats, based on the dog’s preferences, weight, and his or her activity level.  The issue is:  dogs really enjoy treats.  Pet owners, truly enjoy giving their puppy treats.  This type of treat provision is a way for the pet owner to bond with his dog.  Bonding with puppy—since he or she is relationship-oriented is a very good thing.

Pet-owners can still provide their dog treats:  however, it is best to do so, one treat at a time.  It is best to forgo treats that are found at retailers that are full of fat and sugar and preservatives.

Dogs like baby carrots.  Also, providing puppy with some broccoli and a green bean is suggested.   Those treats are healthy and are virtually caloric-free.  Dogs are open-minded and enjoy all types of food.  Vegetables can provide the canine with a good snack option.

Fruits are another suggestion, in the form of a nutritious treat.  Slices of bananas, berries, watermelon, and apples with no seeds are recommended.

It is not wise to give puppy fruits such as raisins, or grapes.  Too:  foods such as chocolate, onions or anything that has caffeine in it is a “no—no.”  Such foods can prove toxic.

Air-popped popcorn with no salt or butter or plain rice cakes broken into tiny pieces are other treat options—that are virtually calorie-free.

Watching puppy’s daily caloric intake and providing him with the correct treat amounts, daily, is the best approach in assuring his or her longevity.